Sam & Kirsten met on months ago and the thing they enjoyed the most was the ease of signing up, forums, groups, and the search functionality which ultimately led to them connecting with each other.

Meeting people can be challenging especially when you’re a business professional working in the metro area which is why Sam took interest in signing up on Sam is a Financial Analyst for an investment firm and works 40-60 hours a week which makes it difficult for him to do meet and greet at the local bar.

After a few weeks of friendly chats and flirting, Kirsten came across Sam’s profile and they found each other’s interests compatible. Kirsten is a commercial realtor who loves to travel and does pilates in her spare time.

Traditional online- dating can be difficult when you’re looking for love, marriage, casual encounters, or even friendship which is why their experience on SophisticatedPeople was very organic. Sam & Kirsten enjoy spending time with each other, traveling, dining, and hanging out with their friends at the local lounge after hours.

Their experience along with many other love stories are a testament to how SophisticatedPeople makes match-making simple.

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