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Safety Tips

Safety tip #1

Never provide other users with your log-in credentials. You need to safeguard your profile and providing credentials to other users increases your chance of a security breach.

Safety tip #2

Be mindful of your surroundings when signing into your account so that other users are not able to view or record your password credentials

Safety tip #3

Never share your personal credit card or bank account information with other users.

Safety tip #4

Do not wire money or goods to other users.

Safety tip #5

Disregard any request from other users who inquire about your social security number, mother’s maiden name or any other personal identifiable information.

Safety tip #6

Use better judgement when interacting with other users. For example, avoid users who have poorly written messages, ask inapproriate questions or claims to be from your local country but is abroad temporarily.

Safety tip #7

Be careful when receiving messages with url’s these messages are typically sent as a attempt to phish for personal information from other users.

Safety tip #8

When meeting other users, always notify family or close friends so that someone is aware of your location at all times.

Safety tip #9

When out on a date, always make sure your personal belongings, food and(or) drinks are always visible.

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