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Listen to your heart

Listen to your heart


The importance of listening to your heart when you are looking for the one

One advantage of online dating is that you are not meeting people outright; you will have time to think, time to listen to your heart, and time to avoid making mistakes. In the murky waters of dating, you will be presented with situations where heart and head are in collision—where your heart tells you it is the right person, but your head cannot make a decision yet. 

They say love is a matter of heart, so it will be important to listen to it while at the same time keeping your head alert for any red flags. With online dating, on the other hand, you will have time to judge whether the heart was right. So, it is okay to take those calculated risks, given that the environment allows you to probe further and learn more about your potential soulmate.

Great Gifts

As human beings we are endowed with two great gifts, heart’s passion and mind’s wisdom. When we use them both, we are set to make sound decisions. Emotional intelligence is as important as mental intelligence, as each has a role to play. No wonder we are constantly reminded that there are matters of heart and mind. 

Love is definitely a matter of heart with equal consultation of mind, especially in discovering the red flags early enough and dealing with them head on before we get ourselves into deep trouble.

Passion and Beauty that cannot be Imagined

In the words of George Michael, “For us to find peace of mind, we must listen to our hearts.” The same thing could be said about love—for us to find true love, we must listen to our hearts. We need to understand when to open them and when to close them.

Listening to our hearts while keeping our minds open will help us take calculated risks in matters of love. It is through the risks we take that we find the room to grow. Your heart will lead you to passion as well as beauty, which your mind would never be able to predict. It is true that at times the heart may want what it wants, where denial and impulsiveness override sound decision making and judgment; but the heart can also be idealistic and optimistic, leading you to places you never could have imagined or ever have reached had you not paid attention to it.

With your Heart, Love Blossoms

Some may argue that hearts can be naïve and casts off rational thinking, but at the same time, if we focus too much on the mind, opportunities will slip away right in front of our eyes. We will miss starting that one relationship that could have turned our lives around and be kept away from adventures that we would have cherished, all the while overlooking what matters most in our lives. When you listen to your heart while keeping your mind open, you can’t go wrong in matters of love, especially with online dating where we meet our partners virtually.