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Being Single as An Extrovert

Being Single as An Extrovert During COVID-19

COVID-19 has turned the world upside down. The lockdowns, social distancing, and requirements to stay two meters away from one another are hurting a lot of people. Of all the personality types, the most affected are extroverts. These are people known to thrive in crowds, drawing their energy from being around other people.

Now they are required to stay indoors, only go out when it is extremely necessary, and even with this window; they cannot meet other people, hug them, or hold a hearty conversation. Life has been so dull for the extroverts. It has been even harder for extroverts who are single—those living alone. No wonder there has been constant reminders for people to reach out, call to check out how your extrovert friend is holding up during these difficult times.

Virtual Relationships

Amidst this confusion, there must be a way that an extrovert, who is single, can still be happy. Online dating and virtual platforms are the best bet for now. We can meet our soulmates online, have a great virtual relationship, and when things get better, we can safely gather and meet to take the partnership to another level.

Connecting with Others

Psychologists advise those who are burdened with stress due to spending extensive time alone not to sit in loneliness and isolation for too long. Instead they should identify their feelings and talk about them, then shift their focus towards connecting with others, both in a positive and secure way.

Nothing presents a better environment for extroverts to meet people they would like to connect with than online dating sites. Here, they have an opportunity to find a partner they can hang out with through having virtual happy hours. People are even having parties online, where platforms such as Netflix allow people to watch their favorite movies with friends remotely. There are also other activities that one can engage in remotely—talk of cooking, gaming, where it gets fun and interesting as well as getting a chance to get to know your new online friend better.


Selection of activities online for the extroverts need to be done with an understanding that it’s not just about social contact for them—they need more stimulation. For instance, virtual exercise with your partner or a group of people can be a perfect activity where loud music accompanied by vigorous movement not only generate energy but also create an environment that extroverts thrive in.

It is difficult for single, extroverted people—a combination that does not bode well in a period where we are supposed to stay away from each other. However, we can make the best of it, learn new ways of doing things, meet new people, have a good time, shout, dance, release some energy; with all this happening in a safe and secure environment, virtually.

Online dating sites provide us with an opportunity to meet our soulmates as well as lead a healthy and happy life at a time when our movements are limited.