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01 January, 2021

What Men Find Attractive in Women Online

Due to lockdowns and social distancing measures, online dating has become more prevalent than ever. Most people are now finding their soul mates and partners using these convenient platforms. As a woman or man looking for love it helps to know what attracts a potential partner. In this article, we will attempt to explain what men find attractive in women they meet online.

Good Looks

Even though many people say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there seems to be a universal agreement on what makes a person good-looking. Every man looking for a partner online wants to meet a woman whom he can proudly introduce to his friends; a woman whom he finds awesome. Men are visual in matters of attraction, so the photo in your profile is vital. How do you make sure you have the perfect picture? Well, for one, it should highlight your best features in a way that is classy and appealing. It should tell a visual story about you—your likes and passions. Avoid anything that would discourage potential interest. No oversexualized photos and if you can, limit the selfies. You don’t have to be conventionally beautiful to get attention. Focusing on your best features and telling the right story may be the only things you need to get the right man’s attention on a dating site.


A confident woman is a turn on to any man. A man looking for a partner would want someone who is in control and who knows what she wants. The language you use is one of the measures that men use to gauge confidence. A woman who writes in her profile that she hopes to “meet a smart, fun-loving, and handsome man” may garner a bit of attention but that that may be all she gets. The lasting impression she is creating is that of a woman who has had bad luck with men—so, now she is the one chasing, hoping things will turn out right. Using words that show confidence changes everything. A man seeing your profile for the first time will initially be attracted by the level of detail in your profile, so make each word count.

Great Personality

Once a man sees that you have the looks and that he can confidently introduce you to his boys, you are now on your way to becoming his soul mate. But you’ll have to pass a few more tests to win his heart. You need to have a great personality and intelligence, showing your man that although you may agree to compromise at times, you still won’t change sides just to please him. A person who comes out as needy or desperate is a big no-no. A man who desires an independent woman may be turned off by a lady who depends on him for virtually anything—somebody who cannot even make her own decisions or have her own opinions.
As online dating becomes part of the new normal, knowing what men want will help boost your chances of finding a good match. So, keep these tips in mind next time you look for a date online.